Harmonizer is a platform that helps conscious companies create compassionate change. 


Express your social responsibility

At Harmonizer, we know how important it is for brands large & small to take actions that change the world, but how to do that it in an effective way that empowers others can be challenging.

Since our founding in 2019, we have been determined to help businesses from around the globe make an impact that echoes through the lives of those in need while shining light on the issues of the planet most important to them.

Our compassionate style of creation, curation & collaboration help to connect the dots that take social responsibility to the next level.


What We Do

Harmonizer is a platform for brands & organizations from all over the world to effectively & authentically express their commitment to conscious commerce.

We are an agency that services social responsibility plans at the corporate & human level by curating collaborations & content that support conscious efforts. Leaning on the power of music & the creatives that bring its healing properties to life, Harmonizer helps business be real and show customers how their

dollars impact the world. 


Our diverse network of artists, strategists, influencers, developers, producers, videographers, designers, philanthropists & other insanely talented thought leaders are your full-service launchpad for connecting audiences to more than just your products, but your culture & compassion.

Music Concert


Some of our collaborations with other socially conscious organizations.

Airbnb +
Zoo Labs

Cultivated a transformational experience for travelers through intimate concerts that raise awareness & supports emerging artists.

Guayakí + Bloom

Aligned the resources for a series that showcases the energy drink brand's commitment to bring wellness to more women of color & underserved communities.

Warner Music + Swords to Plowshares

Developed & marketed a music compilation to fundraise for the renowned veterans fund.


Team + Partners

Heroes of Harmonizer




Founder & Director

Brad's life long focus has been to create a more connected & compassionate world. A highly regarded music producer & strategist, his mission is to empower brands with the same delicious blend of authenticity & social responsibility that artists effortlessly employ - bringing more transparency to consumers & more action to causes.

Passionate about creating the conditions that allow music & people to grow, Brad has worked with a wide array of artists from Grateful Dead to G-Eazy and accelerated platforms like Amazon, MTV, Airbnb & Jack Daniels to the freshest content. He also co-developed the non-profit music accelerator ZOO LABS, coaching over 300 musicians & dozens of startups - aligning their creativity, their business & their purpose.

Holley Murchison


Over the past 15 years, Holley has coached, trained, and advised creatives, companies, and educational institutions to create compelling narratives, develop human-centered solutions, and reimagine stagnant systems. Along the way she has collaborated with a diverse gathering of brands including WeTransfer, Squarespace, and ArtRebels. Internationally recognized by conferences and press, Holley has been featured in Forbes, Glamour, Publishers Weekly and UPPERCASE.

Holley is a master of research, creating brand solutions, and curating programming and content that highlights women, people of color (particularly Black, Indigenous and Latinx), and LGBTQI communities .



Deeply invested in building a better future, Brandt strives to find new paths for creativity, sustainable livelihoods, and fulfillment. Much of his early career was spent at Microsoft, Apple and a handful of early stage companies as a co-founder and senior leader. 

After several years of working at making businesses bigger he pointed his efforts to people.  Brandt has been a lecturer at Haas Business School at UC Berkeley and an Adjunct Professor at California College of the Arts. Brandt is currently an Adjunct Professor at Montana State University teaching design thinking and entrepreneurship.

Harmonizer donates proceeds from every project to causes all around the world that empower, equip & enrich those in need. 


Giving Back

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